About us

Chevromist Kennels is a registered Domestic Animal Business that undergoes regular audits and inspections by the local authority.  Chevromist’s breeding program has a clear focus on health and temperament to ensure our puppies are perfectly suited to families here in Australia and overseas. 

Chevromist Kennels was established in the late 1980s where we originally bred purebred dogs for the show ring.   Since then, Chevromist Kennels has evolved and is now breeding healthy, family friendly designer dogs including;

Cavoodles Spoodles Groodles Moodles Poochons Beagliers Puggles Pugaliers Maltaliers

Our puppies are DNA Health tested for over 30 different genetic diseases and are all sold with a 3 year Health Guarantee, are Vaccinated, Microchipped and all leave with an Information Booklet to help new owners get ready for the arrival of their puppy. 

Hepburn Park (our kennel facility) has the highest standards for any kennel in Australia.  Chevromist has built strong relationships with other top breeders sharing genetics, information on best breeding and rearing practices and partnerships finding homes for their puppies. 

We Have Been Featured

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