Become a Chevromist Ambassador

Thank you for considering joining the team and becoming a Chevromist Ambassador! 


How it works

Step 1: Once you decide to come on board and join our team as an ambassador fill out the form below and we will send you one of our Chevromist Dog Tags that can be used in your Instagram photos.  We will also send you your own unique code to be included with your Instagram photos and some more tips and instructions when posting your Instagram photos.

Step 2:  Each time someone uses your unique code to adopt one of our puppies they will receive a $50.00 discount and you will receive $100.00.  

How often you promote Chevromist via your Instagram photos is entirely up to you.  We only ask that the photos you use are beautiful, high quality images.

Fill out the form below if you would like to come on board and join the Chevromist team.

We will need this so that we can post you out some Chevromist Dog Tags.

Any payment due to the ambassador will be paid at the end of each month into the ambassador's elected bank account. One hundred dollars will be paid to the Chevromist Ambassador when their Unique Code is used by the puppy purchaser and only once full payment for the puppy is made and the puppy is picked up or delivered to the puppy purchaser. The ambassador agrees to not work with other dog breeders or pet shops that sells puppies. Chevromist Kennels reserves the right to cancel and withdraw from this agreement at any time. The ambassador reserves the right to cancel and withdraw from this agreement at any time.

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