American Cocker Spaniels

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The American Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful, and intelligent dog that commonly makes a terrific house pet. However, this breed would be best suited in a home with older, more respectable children. This breed must be properly socialized as a pup to avoid many behavioral problems that can occur such as shyness.  American Cocker Spaniels are intelligent and very loyal dogs. However, they do require an energetic owner, as they are very playful and active. This lively breed makes a great household pet.  This breed is sure to bring plenty of joy to your life.

American Cocker Spaniel Temperament

American Cocker Spaniels are beautiful dogs that can get along well with older children and animals providing they do not pester. A very cheerful dog, this breed loves to play.

American Cocker Spaniel Training

Obedience classes are recommended for this playful breed. Initially bred to be used as a gundog, this breed does exceptionally well in obedience if given consistent training with a gentle hand.

American Cocker  Spaniel Videos

American Cocker Spaniel Videos
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