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The Border Collie is prized for their outstanding herding abilities of any type of livestock. Today the Border Collie is a popular farm worker and family companion. This breed is intelligent, responsive, and devoted to their master and work. The Border Collie is extremely sensitive and thrives on human interaction.

Border Collie Temperament

The Border Collie is medium-sized, exceptionally athletic, and possesses great endurance. They are high energy, confident, and determined. They are light on their feet, have a flowing movement, and are extremely versatile.

Border Collie Coat and Colour

The Border Collie comes in two coat varieties: rough or smooth. Both varieties are double coat and weather resistant and are close fitting and thick. The outer coat is either wavy or straight and coarse in texture. The under coat is dense, short, and soft. The rough coat variety has fur of medium length. The chest, forelegs, underside, and haunches are feathered. The coat on the face, front of legs, ears, and feet is smooth and short. The smooth variety has fur of short length over the entire body and there may be slight feathering on the chest, ruff, haunches, and forelegs. The colour of the coat comes in Black and White, Tri, Brown and White, Blue and White and Tan and White.. Border Collies are average shedders.

Border Collie Videos

Border Collie Videos
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