Can we visit Hepburn Park?

Stephanie Deller from WIN NEWS visiting Hepburn Park for a story.

Hepburn Park is located in the small town of Ballan, approximately 80km from Melbourne. 

We do not allow visits from the general public at Hepburn Park.  Although this may seem like an inconvenience it ensures that all puppies at Hepburn Park are protected from viruses and disease which could be introduced into the kennel unintentionally from a visitor who may have just visited another kennel establishment, shelter or pound.  It is important to understand that Hepburn Park houses not only adult dogs which have been fully vaccinated but of course we also have many young and vulnerable puppies under the age of 6 weeks that have not been vaccinated. 

Understandably many people are disappointed that they cannot visit Hepburn Park however we strongly believe a good breeder will always put the health and safety above trying to sell more dogs.  By keeping a degree of separation between where our puppies are born and raised before reaching the appropriate age of vaccination and the general public, we have radically reduced the risk of illness affecting our puppies.

“…I have been to Hepburn Park. I have got to say I was very impressed. Hepburn Park is quite a new facility. The condition of Hepburn Park is — I do not know how to describe it — just beautiful.”

Victorian Upper House Member of Parliament Jeff Bourman-

Mr Morris and Mr Bourman during their visit to Hepburn Park

Mr Morris MP and Mr Bourman MP during their visit to Hepburn Park

So how can we assure you that Hepburn Park is an ethical breeder and that all of our dogs and puppies are being well cared for?  We’ve always taken the position of absolute transparency.  The entire team from Chevromist and Hepburn Park are incredibly proud of our establishment and our dogs.  Hepburn Park has been visited by Members of Parliament, Local Councillors and the Media. 

 I was fortunate enough to attend Hepburn Park along with Mr Bourman and see a fabulous establishment, a great family operation doing excellent things”

Victorian Upper House Member of Parliament Joshua Morris

Hepburn Park is a Registered Domestic Breeding and Rearing Establishment.  This means we must abide by what is described as the strictest Code of Practice anywhere in the world for Dog Breeding and Rearing.  At least once every year we undergo an inspection from the local authority and a 688 point audit (this takes approximately 4 hours).  We are proud to own Hepburn Park and operate in Victoria.  We have an outstanding, dedicated team operating within the strictest laws and regulations for dog breeders anywhere in the world. 

Here’s some footage taken at Hepburn Park

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