Cavachon Puppies For Sale


The Cavachon (or Cavashon) is a sweet faced cross breed created by crossing two breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise.  They are typically referred to as “designer dogs”. They have become popular companions, especially to allergy sufferers.  The Cavachon possesses large expressive eyes and a sporty appearance. They are alert, sturdy, animated, and lively.  Many Bichon Frise crosses are sought after for their low-shedding, low-dander coats and the Cavachon is one the most popular examples.

Cavachon Temperament

The Cavachon is affectionate, loving, and gentle. They are very family oriented. They do best with older, considerate children or with children they have been with from puppy hood. Cavachon’s will generally get along with dogs, cats, and other household pets. The Cavachon is non-aggressive but will alert their family to visitors and out of the ordinary sounds.


Cavachon Training

Early socialization and obedience are recommended. Training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience, and consistency.  Cavachons are intelligent and easy to train.  Cavachons have been used as therapy dogs.

Cavachon Activity

Cavachons need only a moderate amount of exercise and will enjoy fetching games.  They are playful and some love the water.   They are well suited for apartment living. They enjoy family activities, securely leashed walks, and off-lead play time in a securely fenced yard.

Cavachons and Children

Cavachons are good with children but as with all dogs, supervision and training are recommended.  

Health and Lifespan

Cavachons are generally healthy dogs. The average lifespan for a Cavachon is about 12 to 15 years but parentage is one factor that will influence longevity.  Our Cavachons are DNA Health Tested for genetic health issues to reduce the risk of health issues in our Cavachons.

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