Choosing a dog groomer

Just like humans, dogs feel clean and refreshed after a little pampering. Grooming also helps to keep your pets healthy, comfortable, and happy. From Moodles to Groodles, grooming is a great way to ensure your pet is in the best of health, as grooming gives you the opportunity to examine them in detail for parasites, bumps, lumps, and bruises.  While most owners are happy to handle the brushing at home themselves, bathing the family dog may be a wrestling match where the odds are stacked too high in the dog’s favour.  

Puppy Getting Dry After His Bath

Puppy Getting Dry After His Bath

A full grooming service usually entails a bath, combing, brushing, cutting or shaving matts, cleaning out the ears, trimming the nails, and providing protection against parasites. Our pets are part of the family so you would expect your dog groomer to behave responsibly while the dog is in their care. You want your animal to receive first-rate care and attention so here are a few tips to help you find the best possible grooming service for pampering your pet.

Recommendations from family and friends

Family and friends are a great source of help in recommending a groomer or any professional as they have your best interests at heart. Another good source to find quality grooming services is at your local vet, but you could also try asking around at various places such as the local boarding kennels, dog trainers, or even animal shelters. The Pet Industry Association also have a membership program for groomers who abide by a set of best practices. You can find out if any are in your area simply by using the form on their website.

Assess the Facilities

Before you commit your dog to a grooming facility visit the premises and get a feel for the quality of service they can provide. You are looking to see whether the facility is well lit, does it smell clean, and are the staff knowledgeable. See if you can get a peek at the staff while they are in action in order to determine how well they treat the pets. Cages need to be appropriate sizes (dogs should be able to stand and turn without difficulty), and pets needed to be closely monitored so as to avoid burns during blow drying.

Prepare for the First Visit

As your pet will be in close proximity to other animals it is important that you make sure your dog is up to date with all of the relevant veterinary treatments such as vaccines and sterilizations. A spayed or neutered pet is generally more passive, calmer, and less likely to bite. If you have a dog that is nervous or otherwise a challenge to handle it may be worth your time to settle them down with some training at a specialist or dog training centre.

Provide Details about Your Pet’s Particular Needs

Once you have settled on a groomer you will need to provide them with all pertinent information about your pet such as her overall state of health, her personality, and her habits. Groomers will then be in a better position to provide the best possible care should your dog be geriatric, or have any other health conditions that may impact the grooming session. Most dogs who have a positive experience at the groomer (such as being given a few treats for good behaviour) will actually look forward to the grooming session in the future.

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