Choosing the Right Puppy Collar

Groodle with collar and lead in carIt’s perfectly natural to want to spoil your dog with all kinds of toys and treats, but there are also a few accessories that you need to pick up that should be considered essential. Up near the top of that must have list, are a collar and leash, as they are both practical as well as fashionable. Sure, we all want to get the collar that best suits the personality of our puppy, but it’s also an item that serves a very specific purpose, and which also has to fit properly when you put in on your puppy.

Cute Vs Practical Collar

There are a lot of dog owners who pick up a leash that they believe to be cute, but who then never take the time to make sure that it’s a good fit for their dog. It’s not until something catches his eye while out for a walk and he slips out of that too loose collar that you get the idea that a proper fitting collar is especially important. What you believe may be comfortable may in fact be too loose or too tight, but the good news here is that there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure that you end up with the perfect collar and lead for your dog.

Collar Size for a Puppy

Tricolour Beaglier puppy with a red collarWhile many collars can be adjusted to fit, you still should be able to tell when you have it adjusted just right. The best way to start is to actually measure the circumference of your dog’s neck using a flexible tape measure of some kind. The area that you measure should be high on the neck, just below his head. If you then add 5cm (2 inches) to the measurement you get, you will have the ideal collar size, making it easier to choose a collar.

Simple Dog Collars

Chevromist puppy with collarOnce you get the collar and get it on your puppy, be sure that you are able to fit 2 fingers between the neck and the collar, as this will ensure that it is not too tight, but also not so loose that your dog will be able to get out of it when on the lead. While the collar should also come with rings and buckles, try to keep those to a minimum, especially if you have a smaller dog. Some additional pieces are necessary, such as ID tags and rings for attaching the leash, but this is a case where less is definitely more. Also, long coated dogs such as Cavoodles and Groodles can get fur tangled in accessories hanging off their collar.

Choosing a Lead to Suit Your Puppy

Chevromist Spoodle puppies with collar and leads onAs far as the lead goes, it should be all about being able to keep your puppy under control. If he is still in the early days of learning how to heel, you may want a shorter leash that will help keep him close by your side. If you want a lead that grows with your puppy, you could look at one of those retractable varieties that expands to allow him freedom to room, but which also locks short for those occasions when you want to keep him close. Also, take note of the material that the collar and lead are made from. Lighter and waterproof materials are best so they weigh less for your dog to carry about, but make sure the material is strong enough to hold your growing puppy from breaking their lead.
Choosing a collar and lead is about the comfort of your dog, but it’s also about your peace of mind, too.

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