Chevromist: It makes sense to desex your dog

There are many medical and behavioural benefits in having your pet de-sexed:


  • Convenience to owners
  • Reduces the annoying and embarrassing urge of male dogs to “mount” the legs of visitors.
  • Reduced dog registration fees each year will quickly cover and probably exceed the cost of the operation.
  • Reduces aggression toward other animals.
  • Better Health for your Dog
  • Eliminates your dog’s desire to seek out a female and reduces free roaming (car accidents, etc.)
  • Reduces the risk of prostate problems and removes any chance of testicular tumors later in life.
  • Eliminates Sexual Frustration
  • A male dog sensing a female in heat nearby can break down doors and jump fences in his desire to mate.
  • Lets your dog relax and enjoy being part of the family.


  • Convenience to owners
  • Eliminates the oestrus or “heat” period: no bloody discharge
  • Eliminates the scent that attracts annoying male dogs to your home.
  • No need to confine your female when she would otherwise be “in heat”.
  • Eliminates the frantic pacing and crying by the female while she is in heat.
  • Reduced dog registration fees.
  • Better Health for your Dog
  • Eliminates most reproductive cancers.
  • Decreases the possibility of mammary tumors.
  • Eliminates Sexual Frustration
  • Decreases your pets desire to roam in search of a mate.
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