The Pack Leader

THE PACK-leader!!

It is vital for dog owners to understand their dogs and their primal character.

After man had domesticated the wolf, dogs became more than just a guard or protector, with time dogs evolved into man’s best friend and a companion for life. Yet with time, the dominant trait still can be seen. By nature, dogs tend to be in packs; hence they have need for those around them to be either submissive or dominant. It has been seen that many dog owners without realizing tend to become submissive before their dogs. Hence it is important to establish the basic master relationship. Once as a dog owner you have established yourself as the dominant person in the relationship, and then it would easier for your dog to follow you and your commands. If not, in time your dog will assume the leader of the pack. This is important for every dog owner to understand as it may cause problems. When there is no definition of who is “The leader of the pack” then your dog may become possessive, overprotective or simply stressed; especially when there will be people near you. Your dog may become so overwrought that it can suffer from “separation anxiety” and this is only because you haven’t made things clear with your dog. When you bring in a puppy it is essential that you train it in a manner that doesn’t exhaust your dog and makes it vicious. You are required to be in control and once you show that you are alpha in your relation, your dog will learn to follow and obey.

Some of the common clues which show the dominant alpha in your dog are for example feeding your dog before you have your dinner … what is so dominant about that? Maybe the question in your mind, but by giving your dog its dinner before you have sat down actually shows that you are bowing down to him for the leader of the pack always eats first. Further has your dog brought its toys for you to throw it around for it to play or has shown the tendency to be petted all the time? If yes, then you have a dominant dog which demands attention and assumes control in your relation. Honestly, there is no need to panic, all you need to do is be steady and have a friendly relation with your dog. After all, your dog is your best friend!

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