Dog Training Videos

We are big fans of Dr. Sophia Yin’s work.  She is a an Animal Behaviorist who has a great approach to dog training.  Here is a list of her dog training videos that we are sure will help you with your dog’s training.

A video revealing that the Secret to Dog Training is that the owners have to consistently reward desired behavior and remove rewards for unwanted behavior with exact timing until the desired behaviors become a habit.

A video on dog training secrets that can completely change the way you think about dogs. The keys to dog training are that you want to be a leader for your dog the way you would lead like a partner in a dance.

A video showing how to be the leader of the pack by learning to lead like a leader in a dance.

Here is a video demonstrating how to teach a dog to sit politely rather than jump up when you are sitting on the couch.  This can transfer into having the dog sit politely for permission to jump into your lap, instead of just leaping on you when you least expect it.

Dr. Sophia presents a video illustrating the importance of delivering treats in a skillful manner. 

Dr. Sophia Yin presents a demonstration on how to train dogs that Leave-it means come sit and look at me and you may get what you want. But for sure if you don’t come back you won’t get anything!

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