Doggy Day Care Options for your dog

Why do dogs need doggy day care?

Whenever you decide to bring a dog into your home, eventually you may need to consider the possibility of having someone else care for your dog when you are unable to. You could be called away on your job, travelling overseas with your family, or just going on a holiday where dog’s aren’t welcome. Also, dogs who are home on their own while the humans are out at work can become bored or distressed.

Bored dogs often vent their frustration through destructive activities such as digging, or chewing. Distressed dogs may become a noise disturbance in the neighbourhood, with the owners being presented with complaints. Toys and activities for dogs to do when left alone can alleviate the issue in most cases, but sometimes a bit of interaction with other dogs can make a world of difference to dogs that are home alone. Spending time with other dogs does wonders for a dog’s social skills, and they love being with other dogs more than just about any toy you could ever buy. Being very social in nature, many designer dogs such as Cavoodles, Groodles and Beagliers love to spend time with new people and dogs.

How does doggy day care help?

In all of these cases the solution may be available in the form of doggy day care. Doggy day care can take many forms. It may be that your dog simply needs to be walked more often but your schedule doesn’t allow it. Calling in someone to walk your dog may be a simple and affordable solution, with a half hour walk costing less than $25.00 from most service operators. This service usually includes a change of water, feeding, playing, and even feeding the fish depending on the business.

Can my dog stay the night?

There are many dog care facilities now operating who will look after your dog during the day in a very similar manner to parents dropping off their kids at the day care facility. These services can take care of your dog during the day but many also have the ability to keep your pet overnight if needs be. Great for those fly in, fly out types of jobs where you get holed up in a hotel for a night and can’t bring your pets with you.  A regular service for one dog once a week can be had for $43.00, with the price dropping the more days your dog visits, or the more animals you drop off.

Can someone look after my dogs at my home?

In both the above situations it usually involves you taking the dog to the service but there is also the option of having someone visit your dog at your home, which can often present the cheaper and more convenient option. In this case the care person will go to your home to visit with your dog, play with them for a while, and feed and water them. These services also have optional extras such as grooming, and administering medicine if your dog needs it. Pricing starts from $35.00 per animal and even involves little extras such as junk mail collecting, and putting bins in and out.

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