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The Golden Retriever has earned its place as one of the greatest family dogs we could ever recommend.  They have been described as an ideal family pet, good with children, loyal, eager to please and easy to train. They are intelligent, docile and easy going.

The Golden Retriever appears to be a mixture of many breeds. While some people still think they are longhairedLabradors- and they probably have a shared ancestry – the Golden Retriever was recognised as a breed in its own right in theUKin about 1913. They were first developed at the Scottish county estate of Lord Tweedmouth, during the 1860s, to assist in the retrieving of upland game and waterfowl. They were first imported and registered inAustraliaduring the 1930s and while originally developed as a gundog, today they are now one of the world’s favourite family pets.

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, affectionate dog, both active and powerful, with a kindly expression. The instinct to retrieve is still an important characteristic of the breed, however, the Golden Retriever’s willing, adaptable nature and physical attributes make it an exceptionally versatile breed. It has been used in a wide range of activities such as gundog, guide dog for the blind, therapy pet and obedience.

Golden Retriever Temperament

The Golden Retriever is a lovable, well-mannered dog with a great charm. It is very intelligent and responsive. It is always patient and gentle with children. The Golden Retriever makes an outstanding family dog; enjoys pleasing its masters, so obedience training can be fun. It makes a good watchdog, loudly signaling a stranger’s approach. Golden Retriever has very little guarding instincts; it is friendly with everyone, including other dogs. This dog needs human companionship; it likes to be around people. If left alone for long periods of time, the Golden Retriever may become mischievous.  It excels in obedience competitions. The Golden Retriever needs daily exercise, but likes to retrieve balls and sticks, so exercising is fairly easy; also loves to swim. Be sure to monitor it’s diet as this breed loves it’s food and can become obese.

Golden Retriever Coat

Dense and water-repellent with good undercoat. Outer coat firm and resilient, neither coarse nor silky, lying close to body; may be straight or wavy. Untrimmed natural ruff; moderate feathering on back of forelegs and on underbody; heavier feathering on front of neck, back of thighs and underside of tail. Coat on head, paws, and front of legs is short and even. Excessive length, open coats, and limp, soft coats are very undesirable. Feet may be trimmed and stray hairs neatened, but the natural appearance of coat or outline should not be altered by cutting or clipping.

Golden Retriever Colours

Any shade of gold or cream

Golden Retriever Videos

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