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Scroll down this page to view our Groodle Puppies For Sale.  All of our Groodles are Vaccinated, Wormed, Flea Treated, Microchipped and DNA Health Tested for over 30 different Genetic Diseases.  Each of our Groodles also include a 3 Year Health Guarantee. 

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Puppy’s Information

Breed: Groodle

Date of birth: 28.2.21

Ready to go: 30.4.21

Gender: Female

Size: 35cm-45cm

Reference Number: CHBBF1

Price: $7995

Puppy’s Information

Breed: Groodle

Date of birth: 28.2.21

Ready to go: 30.4.21

Gender: Female

Size: 35cm-45cm

Reference Number: CHBBF2

Price: $7995


The Groodle

Chevromist Kennels have been involved with Groodles and the development of the designer breed for well over a decade now. 

During that time Groodles have dramatically increased in popularity.  Why?  Well, the simple reason is because they are exceptionally compatible to most people’s lifestyles.  As a family dog, the Groodles, (Miniature Groodles, Medium Groodles  and Stanadard Groodles) make excellent family dogs and for singles as well.  Groodles (Miniature Groodles, Medium Groodles and Stanadard Groodles) get along well with other pets like cats, birds and of course other dogs. 

Every day we speak with people interested in buying a Groodle puppy.  We’re always interested to know why they’ve decided to buy a Groodle puppy and in many cases what we’re told is that, they love the temperament of the Golden Retriever and have previously owned a Golden Retriever but they want the dog to spend at least some of the time in the house with the rest of the family so this time they want a dog which doesn’t shed hair everywhere!  The Groodle is an excellent choice provided he or she has come from a knowledgeable breeder who understands the genetics of the dog.  Gone are the days when breeders simply bred a Golden Retriever with a Poodle and called it a Groodle then placed a simple advertisement in the local rag ready to sell the puppies to someone who is unaware of unscrupulous breeding practices there are out there weather that’s the puppy farms or backyard breeders.  It’s absolutely vital that breeders are experienced and educated in animal genetics to ensure they are qualified to carefully study and understand their Groodles genetics.  Michael from Chevromist Kennels is always our first point of contact before we plan a litter of Groodles.  Michael has been involved with breeding dogs including Groodles for over 30 years.  Along with that hands on experience, he completed his degree in Animal Science with a focus on genetics, then went on to complete his Honours work in immunology through Melbourne University’s Dept of Medicine and the CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory. 

Miniature Groodles Description:

The Miniature Groodle (also known as Goldendoodle) is amongst some the most popular family dogs.  A hybrid or “designer dog”, the Miniature Groodle is the result of a Golden Retriever crossed with a Miniature Poodle, although these days the modern Miniature Groodle is usually a Multi-Generation Miniature Groodle.  What is a Multi-Generation Miniature Groodle?  Well, professional Miniature Groodle breeders like Chevromist Kennels,have been working hard to reach what is termed in the dog breeding world as a “standard”.  Professional Miniature Groodle breeders are always trying to improve the breed by aiming to produce puppies with particular breed traits.  In this case, Chevromist and other breeders aim to produce Miniature Groodle puppies which consistently have a non-shedding coat, a placid and easy going temperament, a size between 35cm and 45cm and to eliminate certain health issues which can be eliminated while reducing the risk of those which cannot. This is part of the “standard” professional Miniature Groodle breeders are progressing to.  To increase genetic diversity and to be able to produce certain colours like Chocolate, Multi-Generation Groodle breeders have bred Miniature Groodles with Labradoodles in the past.  This means that Multi-Generation Groodles include Poodle, Golden Retriever and Labradoodle in their heritage.   

The Groodle was originally breed as a large breed alternative to the very popular Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle) and Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle), the Groodle which now comes in a variety of sizes from the large “Standard”, medium “Medium” and the small “Miniature”,has proven to be a perfect dog for families and singles alike. 

The most common questions about Miniature Groodles are,

Are Miniature Groodles Hypoallergentic?

Do Miniature Groodles shed hair?

What is the Miniature Groodles life span?

How big do Miniature Groodles grow?

What colours do Miniature Groodles come in?

Do Miniature Groodles get on with cats?

Back in the 19th and most of the 20th century, dogs didn’t spend a lot of their time in the house with the family. Dogs were predominantly bred to be hunters, herders and even sadly used for baiting.  Thankfully times have change.  Today most Australians expect their family dog to spend at least sometime in the home with everyone else.  There’s almost nothing more relaxing than kicking your feet up at the end of a hard and stressful day while you watch your favourite television show with your dog who loyally lays beside you.  It’s become more important than ever that your dog doesn’t leave a huge amount of hair all over your lovely home and furniture.  Yes, most Australians still want a dog that’s going to enjoy a walk or a run at the park, however the majority don’t want a dog with endless amounts of energy like a working breed such as a Husky, Kelpie, Border Collie etc.  Hunting breeds like terriers and hounds can also have some major issues when fitting in with children and other pets like cats and rabbits.  Modern hybrid or “designer” breeds, including the Miniature Groodle are not bred for herding or hunting, they are being carefully developed for the specific purpose, to be a good family dog that fits into the lifestyles of people today in the 21st century.  This in its self has contributed to the Miniature Groodles popularity amongst Australians today.

Miniature Groodle Size

How big does a Miniature Groodle grow?  It can be difficult for breeders who breed the first cross Miniature Groodles to accurately determine the adult size of their puppies.  First cross Miniature Groodles are the result of a Miniature Poodle crossed with a Golden Retriever.  Puppies from a litter of first cross Miniature Groodles can vary in size quite significantly.  Some of the first cross Miniature Groodle puppies in the litter will get their size from the sire which in most cases will be the Miniature Poodle while others will inherit their size from their mother, the Golden Retriever.  Professional breeders now breed the Multi-Generation Miniature Groodle to ensure a consistency within each litter to better determine the size of the offspring.  Well bred Multi-Generation Goodles should grow to be between 35cm and 45cm and weigh between 8kg and 18kg.

Do Miniature Groodles shed hair?  It all comes down to good breeding.  A well-bred Miniature Groodle should shed very little to no hair at all.  Unfortunately some breeders (especially backyard breeders) can be very quick to claim that their puppies won’t shed hair.  It’s usually because they’re not experienced enough when it comes to canine genetics and breeding and rearing dogs in general.  Just because one of the parents is a non-shedding breed like a Poodle, this doesn’t guarantee that the offspring will inherit this trait.  It’s vital that the breeder is experienced and understands the actual science behind canine genetics.  If the breeder doesn’t have any formal education in Animal Science or Genetics, then they should consult with someone who does to ensure their breeding program is on the right track.  You plan to have your Miniature Groodle for a very long time (possibly 15 years) so make sure he or she has come from a reputable, professional breeder and your Miniature Groodle will be an absolute pleasure to have in your life.  Most backyard breeders simply don’t have the experience, knowledge, genetic diversity (usually only owning 2 or 3 dogs), and unfortunately most are breeding their dog for a quick buck.

What is the lifespan of a Miniature Groodle?  A well-bred Miniature Groodle is a healthy, robust breed.  It’s important that the breeder is testing for as many hereditary diseases as possible to reduce the risk of health issues.  Professional Miniature Groodle breeders aim to develop the breed to ensure it’s a healthy breed with very few common health issues.  Health testing of the parents is one important tool but keeping detailed records of their dogs and any puppies sold which may have developed a health issue later on in life is just as important.  This gives the breeder a better understanding of any common issues occurring in their bloodlines. The breeder can then study their breeding program more carefully and consult a genetic expert if necessary to alter their breeding program.  Although Miniature Groodle breeders are aiming to produce litters of puppies which are consistent in temperament, size and shape they have not gone down the same track as “pedigree” breeds.  Pedigree breeds share the same common ancestry i.e. inbred.  This is often termed as “line breeding”.  Although this can be a quick way to producing consistency within a litter of puppies it can also lead to some genetic disasters due to a lack of genetic diversity

A health Miniature Groodle’s life expectancy is between 12years and 15 years.

What kind of temperament does a Miniature Groodle have?  The Miniature Groodle’s greatest attribute is his nature.  Kind, affectionate, loyal and easy to train.  The Miniature Groodle temperament is what makes them such excellent modern family dogs.  Miniature Groodles have been specifically bred to be good family companions.  Chevromist have been working with this breed for decades and we are contacted every day by prospective new owners looking for an ideal family dog.

Many have owned a Golden Retriever in the past but want a dog that’s not going to shed hair while still maintaining the beautiful nature of the Golden Retriever.

Some of the most common questions we’re asked by people looking for Miniature Groodles for sale include, are Miniature Groodles good with children? Yes.

Are Miniature Groodles good with other dogs?  Yes. 

Do Miniature Groodles bark much?  No. 

Do Miniature Groodles get along with cats and other pets? Yes. 

Why do Miniature Groodles seem to tick all of the boxes that make them such excellent family dogs?  The answer is pretty simple.  Most of the traditional purebred dogs were bred for some other purpose, like hunting, herding, fighting, rodent control etc.  So it’s difficult to be a great hunting dog and still tick all of the boxes that make a great family dog.  Groodles, like many other modern designer breeds i.e. Cavoodles, Spoodles, Labradoodles etc. have been carefully and specifically bred to be great family dogs that fit into a modern Australian family home.  The vast majority of Australians don’t want a herding or hunting dog.  They want a dog that’s going to fit into their lifestyle without trying to kill the neighbours pets or chase a herd of cattle!  The Miniature Groodles only purpose is to make an ideal family dog.  This is why it’s absolutely vital that when you are searching for Miniature Groodle puppies for sale that you choose a puppy from a professional breeder with the right facilities, resources and experience with dog breeding and rearing.  The genetic makeup of the Miniature Groodle (and any other breed for that matter) is fundamental to how successful a Miniature Groodle breeder’s breeding program is.  Miniature Groodles naturally want to please their owners.  This is significant because although there are many other intelligent breeds, many can be quite difficult to train because they are stubborn and don’t have the natural drive to want to please their owners.  It is such a pleasure to have a well-trained dog as opposed to a un-trained dog.  Again, professional Miniature Groodles breeders recognise the importance of producing a dog that can easily be trained, making him or her a much better family companion.

At Chevromist Kennels we constantly receive positive feedback from our new Miniature Groodle owners, usually to let us know how well their new Miniature Groodle puppy is fitting into their home and how quickly they have been able to train them.  This type of feedback not only gives us the satisfying feeling knowing that our new Miniature Groodle puppy owners are happy with the puppies we’ve bred but it also lets us know that our breeding program is on the right track.

The Miniature Groodle is a good match for first time dog owners because they are easy to train and please.  At Chevromist Kennels we’ve had a countless number of first time dog owners who have had incredible success with their Miniature Groodle.  We always recommend puppy school to our new Miniature Groodle owners, particularly first time dog owners.  Besides being a lot of fun, puppy school will help socialize your Miniature Groodle and get you familiar with the basics in respect to training your Miniature Groodle.

Miniature Groodles not only make ideal companions but they’ve also had much success as versatile working and therapy dogs. They have even become sniffer dogs, service dogs and guide dogs. 

Because of the their friendly nature, Miniature Groodles don’t typically make good guard dogs however many will still bark if a stranger approaches the home during the night.  

One of the down sides to the rapid popularity of breeds like Miniature Groodles as well as others including the Cavoodles, Spoodles, Moodles, Poochons, Beagliers etc. is the increase in backyard breeding and cruel puppy farms.  Backyard breeders and Puppy Farms usually keep their dogs in sub-standard conditions.

Backyard breeders and puppy farms have no interested in the breed other than turning over a quick buck, usually at the expense of the dogs and also their new owners who can be up for tens of thousands of dollars in vet bills for their dog who may be riddled with serious health problems.  We’ve heard some really sad stories from people who didn’t know any better.  They’ve gone out and bought what they thought was a cheap puppy from someone’s backyard only to have to pay thousands of dollars in vet bills as well as suffer from the heart break of having to put their beloved dog to sleep.  Thankfully, Victoria has the strictest code on earth for professional dog breeders who a registered domestic animal businesses.  It is important however to understand that is in ONLY breeders registered with their local council as a Domestic Animal Business who must comply with this strict code and who undergo regular inspections by the local authorities.  Hobby breeders that operate from their backyard are exempt from this code or these inspections from local councils so ensure your puppy comes from a registered DOMESTIC ANIMAL BUSINESS that is actually registered with their local council.  This is vital! Any breeder who is not a registered Domestic Animal Business has very little accountability for the puppies they sell, so if something horrible goes wrong…you are on your own!  Domestic Animal Businesses must offer you an extensive health guarantee for your puppy.  It may seem more expensive at first to purchase your Miniature Groodle from a Professional breeder but it’s important to recognize just how much work, time, and money has been invested into their breeding program to breed Miniature Groodle puppies that are healthy, well socialized, and will make some of the best companions one can ever own.  On the other hand a puppy from a backyard breeder may appear cheaper at the time but in many cases these puppies are suffering from long term health issues which can cost you not only heart break, but the vet bills can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars. 

In contrast to Back Yard/Hobby Breeders, Professional Miniature Groodle breeders will conduct their breeding program from a quality kennel and just as dog breeds have evolved so has the quality of professional kennels.  The latter is particularly true in the past four or five years.  A far greater emphasis is placed on the animal, rather than merely providing a secure place for it to be housed or for ease and convenience of the staff.  Now, although it’s obviously fundamental for a professional breeder to operate from a modern and well-designed kennel it still remains absolutely vital to have caring, enthusiastic staff to ensure the dogs are provided with a high level of care and equally ensuring that the puppies bred leave healthy and happy. 

Chevromist Kennels have recently completed our brand new kennel facility in Ballan, Hepburn Park and to date Chevromist Kennel’s Hepburn Park is one of the most modern and professionally designed and built kennels in Australia.  Having such a high quality and well-designed kennel facility gives us the ability to operate our Miniature Groodle program smoothly.  Chevromist Miniature Groodles living at Hepburn Park enjoy world class facilities including huge outdoor exercise yards which they have access to 24 hours per day.  This is important because in most cases Miniature Groodles prefer to be outside enjoying the sunshine or playing with other dogs.  Because our Miniature Groodles are never on their own unless while caring for a litter of puppy Miniature Groodles, they are able to express all of their natural behaviours by having constant contact with other dogs which they see as their “pack” members.  Why is this so important?  It’s important because this is a major contributor to the Miniature Groodles mental health.  Miniature Groodles have been bred to enjoy human companionship, so it’s just as important they have lots of contact with people as well. 

At Hepburn Park all of our Miniature Groodles have 24 hour care from a caring, enthusiastic team.  It’s our team’s fulltime duty to interact with our Miniature Groodles wether that be playing, health checking, feeding, cleaning, bathing, grooming, walking or rough housing with the dogs.  Needless to say our team don’t require a lot of encouragement to play with dogs all day!  A well planned socialization plan is fundamental to any professional Miniature Groodle breeder

Breeding and Management Plan to ensure their dogs are mentally sound and the puppies they produce have the great temperament we expect from a Miniature Groodle.

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