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What temperament does a Groodle have? What’s the Groodles personality? Why are Groodles so popular?

There are a number of good reasons why the Groodle or Goldendoodle as they’re sometimes referred to, has become so popular. One of those reasons is the Groodles excellent temperament. With the Groodles
friendly, loyal and sweet nature, the Groodle endears it’s self to pretty much everyone it meets.

Groodles love human company (and dogs and other pets as well). They’re highly affectionate, gentle and playful making them one of our most popular family dogs.
They’re great for single people too because they love getting out and about and meeting strangers and their dogs for a run at the local park or beach. Groodles
have a freindly expression so people usually don’t feel frightened or intimdated when they see a Groodle running up to them.

Groodle TemperamentEarly socialization is important just like any other breed. Try to expose your Groodle to many different people, pets, kids, sights and sounds while he or she is a puppy. This will ensure he or she develops into are well balanced adult dog who is a pleasure to take with you just about anywhere.

Once you bring your Groodle puppy home allow a couple days for him or her to settle in and become familiar with the new home. Once your Groodle has settled
in, invite some freinds over for him or her to meet and once your Groodle has had all their vaccinations take them out to a busy park or a walk down the street
to expose him or her to all the different sights and sounds and of course to start meeting more people and their dogs! Puppy School is a great way to socialize
your Groodle with other young puppies.

We receive countless amounts of feed back from new Groodle owners who have fallen in love with the gentle nature and easliy trained Groodle. They’re excellent
with children and are an absolute pleasure to be around.

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