What is a shedding and non-shedding coat?

As easy as this question may seem, the answer will be as different as the number of different people or websites that you go to for an answer. Just like asking what size dog is a medium, small or large breed, everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes a dog that sheds based on …  Read more….


Giving your puppy a bath

Giving your puppy their first bath could turn into a struggle between the two of you but it does not have to be that way. Dogs love to be dirty, and some will put up a big struggle in order to avoid being cleaned. But bathing your puppy is a must, so here are some tips to bathe your puppy as easily as possible and make it something both you and your puppy will look forward to…  Read more….


How to choose a dog groomer

Just like humans, dogs feel clean and refreshed after a little pampering. Grooming also helps to keep your pets healthy, comfortable, and happy. From Moodles to Groodles, grooming is a great way to ensure your pet is in the best of health, as grooming gives you the opportunity to…  Read more….


How to trim your dog’s nails

How do I trim my dog’s nails? This is a common question that many new puppy owners face and the main concern is that they will inadvertently hurt their dog or make the nail bleed when they clip the nail. Nail trimming is easy and will not hurt your dog when done correctly.  Read more….


How to clean your dog’s ears

It is important to keep your puppy’s ears clean for good hygiene and to prevent ear infections, particularly in dogs that produce greater than normal amounts of ear wax and dogs that have more hair in their ears compared to other dogs. Keeping your dog’s ears clean will also help to reduce any irritation to your dog from a build up of dirt.  Read more….


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