Our Kennel “Hepburn Park”

Located less than one hour from Melbourne in the small but beautiful town of Ballan, Hepburn Park is our brand new kennel facility. It has been carefully designed to ensure the Hepburn Park facility and dog breeding program is second to none. All the Hepburn Park dogs have been carefully selected for health and temperament and are cared for by a team of enthusiastic and energetic staff who are passionate about the dogs and the Hepburn Park breeding program.



We understand that purchasing a puppy can raise some difficult choices like what kind of breed should we get and how do we avoid puppy farms and backyard breeders?  We have provided families all around Australia and internationally with healthy puppies for over 30 years.    

We are registered professional breeders 

Each puppy comes with a 3 Year Health Guarantee

We DNA Test for over 30 Genetic Diseases 

We’re available to offer support for the life of your dog

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