Do I Need Pet Insurance

The short answer is YES!

Australia is a nation of pet lovers with research by Roy Morgan showing that of the 7.3 million Australians with a pet cat or dog only 600,000 have pet insurance. This means that over 90% of Australian pet owners have no insurance cover in the case of their pet needing emergency vet care.

Chevromist Cavoodle puppy

Here at Chevromist, we take great care to look after the health and wellbeing of your puppy before they become part of your family. But like a young child, a puppy can get up to all sorts of mischief and can hurt themselves while exploring their new environment. This risk usually diminishes as they get older and they learn what will and won’t hurt them. Unfortunately, some of these accidents may require a trip to the vet with bills that can be expensive. Feedback from previous clients has convinced us that having pet insurance for a new puppy is well worth the investment.


Which pet insurance is best for a new puppy?

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend a specific policy that would be best for each family as everyone has different needs and expectations from an insurance policy, but we can give you some tips as to what we would like from a pet insurance policy to cover a new puppy.

Ideally, a simple pet insurance policy that is easy to understand, with any waiting periods, age restrictions, exclusions etc defined clearly is best so that you know what you are paying for is one that suits most new owners. Cost is another factor when choosing a company to go with. Most insurance companies will have policies that balance the cost with what is covered so you need to find one that suits your own situation.

Our Recommended Insurance Companies

One of the most common requests we get from new owners is for our recommendation of which pet insurance they should get. With the total number of companies offering insurance policies there is no way we could possibly properly research all of them and every policy they offer and we don’t think you could either! We have however, narrowed down the list of companies we like to two companies that have slightly different ways of working so that you can decide for yourself, which would suit you best. Both are award winning pet insurance companies so choosing between them come down to a personal preference.

Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Bow Wow Meow are a larger, more traditional pet insurance company with about 100,000 pets covered under a range of policies to cater to different needs. They do offer $0 excess on claims and what is covered will depend on the particular policy so it’s important to understand what you are paying for such as accidents, illness or both and what percentage of the bill is covered.  Bow Wow Meow also offers new owners of Chevromist puppies a 17% discount over the first 12 months when they take out a new policy.

Knose Pet Insurance

Knose is a relatively new pet insurance company that aims to simplify pet insurance for new owners with only 2 policies, one for dogs and one for cats. They do allow you to alter the level of cover for vet bills from 70% to 90% allowing you to choose to pay a bit more of the vet bill if you want cheaper premiums. They also have a very short waiting period of 14 days for illnesses, and same day cover for accidents which we think is a great idea for young puppies! Knose is one of the few (possibly the only) insurance companies to offer policies for specific designer breeds such as Cavoodles, Moodles, Groodles and Spoodles. Knose offers new puppy owners a 5% discount off their base premium for life with the code CHEVROMIST5.

Pet Insurance is Important

We feel that having Pet Insurance for your new puppy is really important in the same way that having car insurance is to cover most of the cost of an accident or illness. As mentioned earlier, we can’t compare all policies but do recommend 2 companies that we like and think our clients will be happy with. We do get a very small commission from one company, but we don’t mind which one of these two or any other pet insurance company you decide to go with to cover your pet, as we feel that having pet insurance is an important part of owning a dog.  


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