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Combining two popular small breeds, the Puggle has emerged as a designer breed with all round appeal.  Puggles have a distinctive face, a calm disposition and a sturdy build, yet is still small enough to live in an apartment.   They are also known as Pugle, Chinese Begeule or “Miniature Mastiffs”.

Puggles are a cross between two breeds.  The Pug and the Beagle.  Normally Puggle breeders ensure mum is the Beagle and dad is the Pug because Beagles are a much healthier breed than the Pug and therefore make much better mothers.

Puggle breeders have deliberately bred the Puggle to have a longer muzzle than the Pug to reduce the breathing issues that plague the purebred Pug.  As a result of this deliberate cross, Puggles are incredibly robust and healthy while still maintaining loads of character just like the purebred Pug.

Although there is no official breed standard for the Puggle, Puggles often have some of the features of the Pug, such as loose skin and wrinkles and these are usually accompanied by the longer Beagle snout.  The Puggle tail is often curled but not so tightly as a purebred Pug.  It’s coat has a smooth and soft feel and has a solid build.


Puggles have been described as fun-loving, awesome little dogs with a personality that everyone falls in love with.  They are easy going, great with kids and other dogs and pets.  One of the reason these little guys make great pets for families is because of the Puggles size.  Although they’re a small breed they are quite stocky, so unlike some of the larger breeds like a Labrador for example, they won’t bowl smaller children over but are still “tuff enough” to put up with a bit of rough play from kids.

Characteristics of the Puggle parent breeds

The Beagle is parent is a small but athletic dog developed over centuries as a scent hound and the Puggle inherits the strong er physique of the Beagle parent breed.  As a hunting dog the beagle has a unique howl that the Puggle is less likely to inherit.  The Pug parent breed is a small companion dog that is loved for it’s good nature and is full of character.  Unfortunately the Pug suffers from a range of serious health problems including breathing difficulties.  The Puggle does not normally inherit these same problems and has been found to be an incredibly robust little dog.

First Generation (F1) Puggles

Puggles are the first generation cross between a Pug and a Beagle.  In most cases the Beagle is the mother or “dam” because the Pug parent often has problems whelping.

Mulit Generation Puggles

Puggles have not been developed as a mulit-generation crossbred.

Puggle Grooming

Puggles have a double coat that needs brushing about once a week but is otherwise very easy to maintain.

Puggle Colours

Puggles can come in a variety of colours including fawn, shades of tan or gold, red, black, black and tan, black and white and can feature a black “mask”.

Puggle Trainability

Puggle are quite easy to train and learn basic commands quickly.  They are said to be eager to please and are good listeners.

Other Names

Pugle, Miniature Mastiffs

Puggle Videos

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