How to mentally stimulate your dog

Your dog needs mental stimulation just as much as physical exercise but unfortunately most dog owners put more emphasis on their dogs physical health and forget to provide their dog with a healthy amount of mental stimulation.
Cavoodle Your dog will usually get bored and start to amuse themselves, often through bad behaviors like excessive barking, digging, chewing the furniture or even chasing their own tail. This usually happens when a dog is lacking enough mental stimulation.
It’s not expensive to do, but mental stimulation is fundamental to your dog’s health not to mention your loved belongings! Here are a few tips for you to consider.
1. Use Toys that allow you to hide your dog’s favourite treats inside them so that your dog will have to work a little bit harder than usual to be rewarded. This stimulates your dog’s natural mental behaviours. You can even hide some of their food around the yard and home. Get creative and build some obstacles, use containers, boxes whatever you can think of but be sure not to bury the food in places you don’t want your dog to dig. It’s important to make your dog work for his treats. If life becomes too easy they will get bored.
2. As well as providing interactive toys it’s important to rotate them so that your dog doesn’t become bored with them. Some dogs have particularly short attention spans so you may need to change them every few weeks. Toys that are robust and will survive your dog chewing them are best. Obviously are Staffy is going to need a much more robust toy compared to a Toy Cavoodle or Spoodle.
3. Spend some time teaching your dog some simple tricks like “sit” “stay” “roll” and “shake”. This will stimulate your dog and give you something to show off to your friends and family!
4. Find a good park or open space for you dog to really get out, meet other dogs and people. This will not only burn off some physical energy but is great for mental stimulation as well.

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