How to Train a Puppy To Come When Called

Poochon puppy out on the grassPuppies are naturally curious little creatures who love to explore every area that they are introduced to. While exploring is natural for little ones, it can also prove to be dangerous, as they are likely to get into things they shouldn’t, and may also get lost if they wander too far. This is why teaching your puppy to come when called is one of the first things that you should do as an owner. It teaches a puppy to be obedient from the start, but also helps keep them clear of places and situations they should not be in. Smaller breed puppies such as Cavoodles and Moodles can quickly get themselves into trouble while exploring their environment

One of the most common problems when teaching a puppy to come when called is that he will not yet know his name or what the command you are delivering means. It takes some practice, and a good deal of patience, to get your puppy to respond to your calls, but it’s perhaps one of the most important commands they will learn, so stick with it. 

The first thing you need to do is figure out a reward to give to your puppy after he comes when called. Little pieces of yummy food usually serve as treats for food driven breeds such as Beagliers or Groodles, but if your little guy has a toy that he is particularly fond of, that may work, too. When you start with the training, do so at a time and place where there are no distractions. This makes it easier for him to focus on the treat or toy that you are using to make him come to you when called.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel PuppyIt may take a moment to get his attention, as puppies often find it difficult to focus on one single thing. Get his attention by calling his name and saying come. When he finally turns and looks in your direction, run away, as he will see this as a fun game that he will really want to engage in. Don’t go bolting off at speed, though, as the goal here is to let him catch up to you. When he does, hand over that treat and lavish him with praise for being such a clever boy.

You should run this little training exercise a couple of times per day for the period of a week, after which it will be time to change things up. In the second week, you will continue to call his name and tell him to come, only this time you will stay in place. This should only be done when he is fully focused on you, rather than when he is eating or is otherwise distracted. Same rules apply when he does come, though, which is to offer the treat and lots of praise.

Once he has mastered coming to you when his name is called, take things a step further by doing it when he is distracted by something else. This will be a little bit more of a challenge, but he will eventually get the hang of it. Stay consistent with the treats and praise during this stage of his training and before long your puppy will reliably come when called.

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