West Highland White Terriers

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Also know as the Westie, this breed is an elegant looking with a beautiful, shiny white coat and bright, button eyes. The ears are small, pointed and erect, giving the animal an alert ready-for-anything appearance. It has a deep chest and muscular limbs. The tail is carried jauntily, is about 12½cm -15cm long. This small terrier is a great companion for school aged children. He learns quickly, easy to train. Westies are one of the most popular breeds of dogs today.

West Highland Terrier Temperament

Despite its small size, they make a very good watchdog. They are very active, assertive and fun-loving dogs. This breed can be very independent and stubborn. Westies can be timid around strangers and dislikes roughhousing. They sometimes pick fights with other dogs but if brought up with other animals from an early age they can get along with other animals including dogs and cats. These little dogs are easy to travel with. Westies just love companionship.

West Highland Terrier Coat

Very important and seldom seen to perfection. Must be double-coated. The head is shaped by plucking the hair, to present the round appearance. The outer coat consists of straight hard white hair, about two inches long, with shorter coat on neck and shoulders, properly blended and trimmed to blend shorter areas into furnishings, which are longer on stomach and legs. The ideal coat is hard, straight and white, but a hard straight coat which may have some wheaten tipping is preferable to a white fluffy or soft coat. Furnishings may be somewhat softer and longer but should never give the appearance of fluff.

West Highland Terrier Activity

The West Highland Terrier is good for apartment living. It is moderately active indoors and will do okay without a yard but will benefit and enjoy a walk for 20 or 30 minutes as well.

West Highland Terrier Videos

West Highland Terrier Videos

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