What’s the difference between male and female dogs?

Who doesn’t love dogs? Seeing their adorable puppy eyes and coming home to someone who is always excited and wagging their little puppy tails. Dogs are more than just pets… they are the world for many. So when choosing a dog for yourself, you must have been confused of which gender to buy? Asking the question: Which dog would be suitable for me? Male or Female…? Are there any differences between them?

When asked about the differences amongst human beings, it is said Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. But can this analogy be applied to dogs? Have you noticed the different personalities of dogs?

We all know that when getting a dog, the breed must be of high quality and from a good source. But what about the individual traits of the dog: Whether it is better to go for a male or female dog?

If you look closely you will actually notice that dogs have different personalities.  Most people have a general notion that the female dogs are actually gentler and kinder. Well, at large, dogs are gentle and kind and are known for their friendly spirit. Further it is again a public belief that female dogs are actually easier to train and that is why many tend to prefer the female dog over the male.

Although in most cases you will be able to make out the difference between a male and female dog, but you will find out that those rumored differences are not totally true. Like for instance the size of a dog. Usually male dogs are larger than the females in most breeds but this is not alwys the case.

Sometimes dogs are personified by their owners. There are dogs that even look like their owner!

Anyhow, you may hear that male dogs are more domineering, territorial, and like any other “Male” are quickly distracted and can easily have their attention diverted unlike its female counterparts. However, male dogs are actually quite playful, lively, and can be more independent than the female dogs. Aggression can be a problem in any breed or gender.   Aggression is not really gender specific.

It has also been found that on having a dog neutered actually reduces the sexual urges, as it can really reach an aggravated state in a non-neutered dog, if not taken care of, then they can be very difficult to handle especially during puberty : For they have a strong mating tendency and may tend to run away in order to mate! Don’t think, you would like that to happen. So do be prepared in case you intend to have a non-neutered dog.

It’s been siad that females are usually easier to housebreak, easy to train, and are more attached to their owners—yet in specific situations they may be a little more demanding attention-wise.  The female dog can actually become jealous of other human beings or even other pets or another DOG! Female dogs have a maternal instinct and being more docile than the male are actually good for city living. On a technical quip, female dogs can actually hold their urine for a longer period of time and unlike the male dog, which has problems controlling its bladder and has a tendency to spurt; female dogs can relieve themselves all at once, now who wouldn’t want that in their dog, especially on cold winter’s night and you are just getting ready to cozy up.

However, it would be wrong to really judge a dog totally on the basis of it being an unspayed female or a male un-neutered dog. Dogs are, in general, excellent companions and each breed has their pros and cons. More than a dog’s personality it depends on the training they receive when they are puppies. Well-trained dogs make excellent companions and are indeed hassle-free.

But what is most important: Is actually your mindset. Whether it is a Female or Male Dog, They are your companions for life. So no point thinking too much on which gender to choose: For all Dogs are Man and Woman’s Best Friend!!


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